Because politics should be about policy, not partisanship.

Our mission is to eliminate the corruption lobbyists and special interest groups have in our government by rewarding the lawmakers after doing their jobs, not before.

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How does the UnPac platform work?

Similar to crowd-funding platforms, with UnPac you contribute to the passage or failure of a congressional bill.

We constantly monitor the outcome of the bill and policymaker's positions on them. Depending on the bill's outcome, the politians who supported the eventual position (For or Against) will get a payout from the people who backed that position.

The people who opposed the position can re-allocate their contribution to any other bill.

If UnPac is successful our last effort will be to help pass a bill that will eventually put an end to our services entirely. A bill that makes it illegal for politicians to accept any money from anybody.


Big Pharma donated $42 MILLION to stop their opponents in 2018.


Big Oil donated $82 MILLION to stop their opponents in 2018.


Big Insurance donated $58 MILLION to stop their opponents in 2018.

Gun Reform

75% of Americans want some form of gun control

How We Hold Politicians Accountable

Our system does not payout the politicians in advance. We lump the funds into a secure account. When that account amasses a certain balance, that holding is unlocked for them to use towards their political campaign.

As a matter of fact, we don't show what decision led to the windfall, we just show that they have a balance. This way we are fully adhearing to campaign finance laws, bribery statutes and the like. Our intention is not to further corrupt politics the way lobyists do, it's to re-incentivise politicians to do what they told the public in their campaign platform.

Lobbyists pay polititians during their campaign in the form of donations to influence politics, we pay after the lawmakers do what they promised their constituents during their campaign.

You be the judge on which method more closely resembles bribery and fosters corruption.

How things are today.

Learn why nothing changes — and how rich get richer.

Learn why 3 billionaires now own more wealth than the bottom 50% of Americans. How multi-national companies are only getting bigger and why nothing changes.

The last time the Department of Justice sued to block a vertical merger was over forty years ago... and it lost

UnPac's goal is to prevent big business and lobbists from continuing to corrupt politics.