You can contribute to creating political change.

We stand united with a vision to transform the US political landscape, creating a more inclusive and transparent democracy for all citizens.

You can participate in this monumental shift.

How to get started

Our Mission

Democracy for All.

Our mission is driven by a profound commitment to counteract the undue influence of big corporations and special interest groups in the political decision-making process.

UnPac emerges as a revolutionary platform, empowering individuals to participate actively in shaping congressional bills and reclaiming the power vested in the hands of the people.

Empowering the people

The Power of Crowdfunding.

UnPac empowers individuals to contribute directly to the passage or failure of specific congressional bills. Every citizen can align their financial support with their desired outcome for a particular policy.

By providing a money-back guarantee, UnPac ensures that financial support is aligned with the collective will, not the interests of a privileged few. We aim to create an environment where politicians are accountable to the citizens they represent, rather than the corporations that fund their campaigns.

how to get started

Step 1:

Create your UnPac account — You’ll need to egister and provide us with your personal details and communication preferences on how you’d like to follow bills.

Step 2:

Find a bill(s) to support and contribute — View the trending bills section to discover what Americans like you are supporting, or start your own search to find bills that of interest that you’d like to support.

Step 3:

Contribute — Click on the contribute button to follow the secure and industry standard payment flow provided by Stripe. All transactions are refundable while the bill is active, or if the bill's vote doesn't go your way.

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Our Vision

A catalyst for positive change.

We believe that democracy should be a true representation of the collective will of the people, where the voice of every citizen matters.

UnPac was born from the conviction that change is not only possible but necessary. We embarked on this journey, fuelled by the belief that collective action can bridge the gap between the aspirations of everyday citizens and the decisions that shape their lives. UnPac harnesses the power of crowdfunding and channels it directly into the realm of politics. Through this groundbreaking model, we aim to level the playing field and give voice to the millions whose concerns have been sidelined by powerful interests.

We recognize that the journey ahead is challenging, with powerful adversaries seeking to protect their vested interests. Yet, we are undeterred, for we firmly believe in the power of collective action and the potential of UnPac to be a catalyst for positive change. By fostering a more inclusive and transparent democracy, UnPac empowers ordinary citizens to be the architects of their nation's future.UnPac represents hope - hope for a democracy that is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. Together, let us embark on this journey to create a political system that reflects the values and aspirations of the diverse and vibrant nation we call home.

In unity and purpose,The UnPac Team